The complete system:


A customized icon with branded logos and colors, that is designed and printed in-line with existing artwork and equipment. The icon contains embedded covert technology and is rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and security standards.


The BrandMark™ app was created with the user in mind. This sophisticated system allows for untrained users to easily scan and authenticate. The app is designed to correct for lighting conditions, shaky hands,  poor scanning angles and many other variables. Works with or without an internet connection and can be linked to any database.


All of the scan and user data can be analyzed and monitored from a web-based back end system. In addition to retrieving authenticity results,  dates, times, user credentials and locations, data can be stored for track & trace/ diversion analysis. Usage and marketing data can also be collected and reported.


Utilizing the full capabilities of the smartphone, the BrandMark™ app also acts as a consumer-interactive marketing tool. Relevant content such as videos, ads, coupons, surveys and more can be displayed while the user is authenticating a product. Full social-media integration is also available.


Each BrandMark™ solution is unique and tailored to the customers’ needs. From full solution development to on-site and remote support services, we ensure that each solution is efficient, simple and secure. Standard software, app and security updates are always included.