What makes this feature secure?

The BrandMark™ icon is a highly complex security image – proven and tested. It contains high security encoding, trusted by large brands and governments for monetary and ID documents. Multiple layers of protection as well as user access are built-in. The sophisticated artificial intelligence  app is able to identify even the best copies.

How is it different from other security features?

This is not just a glorified QR code reader – actual authentication is taking place. Our patented solution is able to precisely analyze the secure printed icon with multidimensional verification methods. We also proudly claim to have the most user-friendly experience of any TRUE smartphone authentication feature.

How is the solution delivered?

The icon is delivered as a secure artwork file, which can be easily placed into existing product and packaging designs. The corresponding custom app is distributed internally for discrete projects/ inspectors or on major app stores for consumers. In addition to design and integration consultation, we provide remote and on-site support throughout the project.